Touchscreen Restaurant POS System (Software & Hardware)


Our  Restaurant POS Our bundle Retail pos system includes:
1. Restaurant  POS Software (Offline & Cloud)
2. Free Digital Menu Platform
3. Touchscreen POS Terminal
4. Hi-speed  Receipt Printer 80mm
5. High-quality secure all-metal Electronic Cash Drawer
6. Installation, configuration, and training.

Recommended for Dine-Restuarant, Take-Away Restaurants, Fast Food, Bar, Lounges, Pizzaries, NightClub, Hotels, Smoothies & Snack Bar


The complete Restaurant POS System, a Bundle of Restaurant hardware & Software

Digitalize your restaurant or hospitality business with our user-friendly and efficient restaurant Point of Sale System. Find more ways to make restaurant operations and management easy, with simple use features like table dining service, intuitive touch enable  Point of Sale Interface, inventory management, Kitchen Order Display, digital menus, and insightful reports on how your business performing.

Run the restaurant you’ve always wanted

Our restaurant POS system has all the features you need to build the restaurant of the new Digital Age.

Reduce contact and enhance efficiency with at-table ordering
Use customizable table plans to improve table turnover
Sync with leading food delivery apps to reach new customers and boost revenue
Manage inventory, easily monitor sales and margin performance
Menu management, employee management, and more
Get everything you need to serve, including the restaurant POS terminal, metal cash drawer, and thermal receipt printer

Boost efficiency and enhance the customer experience
Keep service simple with enhanced communication and restaurant-specific features.

Track time-at-table to maximize cover capacity and revenue
Use real-time floor plan management to boost table turnover
Automate processes and improve communication to limit errors
Use a Kitchen Display System to get your front and back of the house working in tandem


Offer delivery, collection, and at-table ordering with our Digital Menu & Ordering Platform.
Build your digital menu on our mobile ordering platform and give your customers the ability to browse, order, and pay from their phones.

Give customers a QR code for a fully contactless dining experience
Offer pickup and food delivery services, and manage your online orders Digital Menu & Ordering Platform
Give customers the ability to select pickup slots that work for them
Great for food trucks, quick-service restaurants, and more!


                         Give your guests greater flexibility
Don’t let limited cover capacity reduce your takings. Easily offer online ordering, delivery, and pickup services with our leading restaurant management software and hardware.

Connect to popular food delivery apps to generate revenue from new sources
Connect to over 100 leading business tools, including CRM and accountancy software
Grow your email list and start communicating with customers
Offer at-table ordering for safety, speed, and ease


                            Kitchen Management

Streamline operation with a Kitchen Display Screen
With our kitchen display system, you can send orders to your kitchen in real time for smoother, faster service.

Improve order accuracy and turnaround times
Receive online and on-site orders as they come in
Eliminate manual paper tickets to enhance accuracy and improve communication

Improve efficiency and serve safely with the Mobile & Tablet POS
Discover the convenient handheld ordering device that lets you deliver a more memorable experience for your diners.

Limit movement on the floor, and reduce wait times and lines at the counter
Serve guests wherever they are – from tableside ordering to takeout and delivery
Let servers focus on your guests’ experiences and create more upsell opportunities
Enhance accuracy and make sure your guests receive exactly what they ordered.


Use Insightful stock control to save money and time
Automate your inventory management with leading restaurant POS software. You can track inventory in one place, so you always know what’s going on with your business.

Leverage inventory management software to track your stock down to the ingredient level
Use low-stock warnings so you’re always able to give your guests what they want
Free-up cash flow that could be tied up in stock
Monitor stock levels across multiple locations


Take Control of revenue and profit with real-time sales insights
Leverage sales reporting and insights to bring down operational costs and identify areas for growth.​

Visualize important trends with fully-customized dashboards in your Back Office
Run your business from anywhere and access insights from any device
View margin data to determine the correct price
Simplify your bookkeeping by Using our inbuilt accounting System & Reports




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